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The School holds exams each year and this enables all pupils to showcase their talent and obtain nationally recognised qualifications. These qualifications enable pupils to not only to progress their dance careers either on a personal or professional level but they also can be used for their further academic studies as they can be used for UCAS points.  In any event, learning to dance provides valuable life skills, promotes good levels of physical and mental health and well being and most importantly builds friendships that last.

Completing examinations is a key part of the Schools commitment to improve, develop and progress each pupils enjoyment of dance.  If you are asked to participate in a dance examination you will be provided with full details of when, where the sessions is to be held and the time.  

Following exams, certificates are provided to pupils when they are received back from the IDTA.

Good luck to all pupils taking exams - you will all do great but remember to practice.
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